Fort Washington, PA, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Coventry continues to lead the market, taking first place in “The Top Life Settlement Providers for 2017,” according to a just-released report published by The Deal.

“We had a great year with over $1 billion in face amount in secondary and tertiary market transactions combined,” said Reid Buerger, CEO of Coventry.

As the largest buyer, Coventry purchased more than three times as many life insurance policies as any other life settlement company in 2017. In addition, transactions for the entire life settlement market grew 19%.

“As Coventry’s momentum continues, we are pleased to see the growth of the entire market as well. More and more people are becoming aware that life insurance is an asset that can be sold,” said Alan Buerger, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Coventry and longtime board member of LISA (Life Insurance Settlement Association).

Coventry works with financial advisors and started a consumer awareness campaign within the last few years. Through Coventry Direct, consumers are learning about their options when reviewing their life insurance policies and how a life settlement can help them meet their immediate financial needs.

About Coventry

For more than 35 years, Coventry has been redefining insurance. By uniquely bridging insurance and capital markets, Coventry created the secondary market for life insurance and pioneered the resulting life settlement industry. Coventry’s efforts have delivered more than $4 billion to policyowners and opened a wealth of opportunities for consumers, financial professionals, and institutional investors alike.

Today, Coventry continues to drive the industry forward. Coventry’s deep experience combined with a fierce commitment to consumer rights makes Coventry the clear market leader, a position we use to continually raise industry standards and expand consumer choice.

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