We provide greater value.

Ours is a passionate company, especially when it comes to ensuring performance. Coventry’s valuation models are some of the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the industry, drawing on our vast experience in the analysis and assessment of life insurance policies.

We continue to introduce new strategies for consumers and their advisors to more effectively manage their assets. Policyowners who no longer have a need for their life insurance can now sell it for more than four times cash surrender value, and in some cases significantly more. To date, we have delivered more than $5.4 billion to policyowners.

We set the pace for the industry.

The role of market leader is one we take seriously. We are fierce advocates for consumer rights and are active in promoting rigorous industry regulations. Our efforts continue to build the solid foundation that will sustain the market’s continued growth.

With a bold vision and impeccable standards, we are continuously opening new opportunies for consumers, making life insurance more powerful, more flexible, more valuable. And changing the way people think about life insurance. Simply stated, we are redefining insurance.

Case Examples

Policy Type: Term

Insured: Male, age 75

Face Amount: $11 million

Cash Value: $0

As part of his retirement package, a retiring CEO received an $11 million term policy from his company. His financial planner advised him he could assume the premiums, lapse the policy or consider a life settlement.

Coventry provided the policyowner with $2.75 million for a policy that otherwise had no value. The policyowner used the funds to establish a trust for his grandchildren.

Policy Type: Universal Life

Insured: Female, age 87

Face Amount: $6.5 million

Cash Surrender Value: $705,000

The policyowner was still paying premiums in the tenth year of her seven-year vanishing premium policy. She was extremely dissatisfied with the policy performance, but still needed life insurance for estate planning purposes. Her attorney recommended she contact Coventry for a policy valuation.

Coventry provided $2.15 million for the policy, which the policyowner used to purchase a better performing policy.