Need for Education Increases as Life Settlement Market Grows

Ongoing professional education is a critical element for the success of one’s practice and can be the distinguishing factor in demonstrating value to your clients. The market continues to evolve in its application through a variety of transaction options and policy types. Policyowners can choose to receive cash or retain a portion of their coverage while eliminating premiums. Policy minimums have also been reduced to $100,000 which broadens the application of the market and allows a streamlined transaction process.

Education is central to Coventry’s business philosophy and we have always worked to increase understanding of the life settlement market and the opportunities it presents. Since 2000, we have provided training and education programs to professional advisors. Today, our continuing education program is approved to offer seminars in all fifty states and includes CE, CLE, CPE and CFP credits. The seminars are taught by licensed Coventry instructors who have years of experience in the life settlement industry. We provide advisors with information they need to advise their clients on the opportunities presented by the secondary market for life insurance. Our courses also review the history of the market and, more importantly, provide a view of what’s happening today within the marketplace through specific case examples that capture current trends. To date, more than 30,000 professional advisors have benefited from our courses.

To learn more about our education programs, call Coventry at 877.836.8300.

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